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John J. Murphy

John J. Murphypicture


In 1988 by John J. Murphy founded Venture Management Consultants, Inc., a network of world class consultants, educators, practitioners and mentors, helping people and organizations worldwide achieve and sustain peak performance through effective deployment, development and implementation of best practice techniques.

John Murphy has delivered services to dozens of leading organizations worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies and the United States government. Recognized as an international expert on leading culture change, he helps organizations address this issue head on. The author of 18 books on related topics, and a guest on over 500 radio and television stations, Murphy teaches leaders worldwide how to integrate the culture piece with the systems, structural, and “tools” components.



Past shows:

Cosmology & Planetary Formation / Mindset & Miracles

Prof. Erik Asphaug shared theories on the formation of our solar system and moons. Followed by John Murphy on mindset and miracles. More »


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