Thom Nickels

Thom Nickels


Thom Nickels is an author, poet, and feature writer for Philadelphia Style magazine, a columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News, and co-founder of the Coalition for Philadelphia Art. Two of his novellas were nominated for a Lambda Literary Award and a Hugo Award. He is currently the City Beat editor at ICON Magazine, a contributing editor/writer at The Weekly Press, and a weekly columnist (The Local Lens) for Philadelphia’s SPIRIT Community Newspapers. He is the Religion Editor for the Lambda Book Report, and has written for Philadelphia's Broad Street Review, The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News.



Past Shows:

  • Remote Viewing Feats

    Host Connie Willis (email) was joined by Joseph McMoneagle, known as the best Operational Remote Viewer in the history of the U.S. Army's Special Project-- Stargate. First hour guest, Philadelphia author, Thom Nickels (Amazon page), shared weird stories of the founding fathers...More »

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Alien Abductions / Area 51 & FBI Raid
Alien Abductions / Area 51 & FBI Raid
Hypnotherapist and researcher Yvonne Smith shared details and conclusions about alien abductions. Followed by Area 51 researcher Joerg Arnu and his partner Linda Hellow on the FBI raids of their homes.


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