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Host Connie Willis (email) was joined by Joseph McMoneagle, known as the best Operational Remote Viewer in the history of the U.S. Army's Special Project-- Stargate. He stressed that skilled remote viewers do not use tricks that are learned from practicing the craft, but succeed by unlearning bad habits that are developed throughout one's lifetime. He cited things like jumping to conclusions with little information or trying to "mentally discover" what a target is during a session as "the wrong thing to do as a remote viewer." On the contrary, he advised simply writing down the information that is perceived and having someone else analyze the data. He also differentiated remote viewing from traditional psychic ability, since the latter is usually spontaneous and the target is known to the psychic while a remote viewer uses a premeditated approach with a blind target.

While discussing the phenomenon of bilocating, where a person is seemingly in two places at once and performing actions in each location, McMoneagle recounted a bizarre event in his life in which it may have unknowingly happened to him. He explained that, while playing golf one day with his boss and some friends, military police approached the group looking for him. Upon identifying himself, McMoneagle was promptly arrested for allegedly attacking someone. At the MP station, an Army major recognized him and proclaimed that McMoneagle had assaulted him that very day. When asked how the man knew it was him, he said that McMoneagle was wearing his uniform and an identity tag with his last name. Thankfully, one of the members of the golf party was the head of military police, who vouched for McMoneagle's whereabouts throughout the day and the charges were dropped.

Regarding possible future events which may unfold on the planet, McMoneagle warned that rising water due to climate change will become a major problem in the not-too-distant future. "In the next probably thirty years or maybe a little longer, we can expect to see water levels rise by three to five feet," he predicted. In turn, this will directly impact nuclear and desalinization plants by overwhelming them and turning them inoperable. McMoneagle pointed to Florida's five nuclear power plants and over thirty desalinization stations as typical facilities which will "all go away if the seas continue to rise" and cause issues similar to the fallout from the Fukushima disaster.

Weird Founding Father Stories

First hour guest, Philadelphia author, Thom Nickels (Amazon page), shared weird stories of the founding fathers of the US, including the secret life of Ben Franklin. Nickels detailed how one signer of the Declaration of Independence, Richard Stockton, actually recanted his revolutionary act after being captured by the British but then, upon his release, recommitted his loyalty to the new United States. Regarding Ben Franklin, Nickels noted that some historians suspect that the founding father may have been a double agent working with both the Colonialists as well as the British. To that end, he revealed that researchers have found a letter which clearly indicates that Franklin had sent information regarding America's shipping routes to sources in Britain.


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A British woman's bout with sleepwalking reached epic proportions recently when she strolled a stunning half mile through her beachside town, while ostensibly asleep, and woke up in the sea. Fortunately for her, a nearby hotel employee heard her disoriented cries and promptly called for help. One particularly odd aspect of her journey is that it included a trip down some steep concrete steps which normally requires help from her husband but was seemingly conquered with ease by the slumbering woman, who recalled thinking that it had all been merely a very vivid dream. More on the story at The Telegraph.

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