Dr. Jeff O'Driscoll

Dr. Jeff O'Driscoll


Jeff O'Driscoll has had extensive experience with shared death phenomena during 25 years as an emergency physician in a level-one trauma center. He has welcomed souls arriving into this sphere of existence and bid farewell to others who were leaving. Sometimes he encountered those who hovered between staying and leaving. His experiences have enabled him to assist others through their near-death experiences (NDEs).

Dr. O'Driscoll obtained his MD at the University of Utah and completed his internal medicine residency in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is board-certified in internal medicine and is a fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. He has published works in theology, ancient scripture, history, medical science and medical administration. In addition to writing, Dr. O'Driscoll enjoys painting, sculpting and cycling. He is a talented public speaker and loves teaching both small groups and large audiences.



Past Shows:

  • True Crime Cases / Emergency Room Spirits

    Journalist Steve Fishman talked about his podcast The Burden, a series that covers the story of crooked cop Louis Scarcella. Followed by Dr. Jeff O'Driscoll, who shared his observations of souls leaving their bodies in the ER.More »
  • Astrology of the Eclipse/ Beyond the Veil

    Astrologist Susan Miller discussed the meaning of the upcoming eclipse. Jeffery Olsen & Dr. Jeff O'Driscoll on existence beyond the veil.More »

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