Susan Miller

Susan Miller


Susan Miller is an internationally known, accredited professional astrologer, best-selling author, successful web publisher, popular columnist, and sought-after lecturer and teacher. A second-generation astrologer, Susan learned about the subject from her mother, who emphasized continual research and scholarship.

As the creator of the award-winning website, Susan has received worldwide acclaim for her accurate, in-depth monthly forecasts. Launched in 1995, the website has an astounding six million unique readers per month and 15 million page views per month. In addition to hosting a highly popular message board, the website contains 500 pages of original content, all written by Susan.



Past Shows:

  • Nephilim Agenda / Astrology Forecast

    Author and showbiz attorney Steven Machat shared his contention that the Nephilim came to Earth from the planet Nibiru to retrieve gold. Followed by astrologer Susan Miller with a forecast for 2024.More »
  • Astrology Forecast / Washington Monument Mysteries

    Astrologer Susan Miller discussed all 12 astrological signs and what they can expect in 2023. Followed by researcher David Sereda on the hidden powers of the Washington Monument and its frequency.More »
  • Astrology Forecast / Ancient Mysteries

    Astrologer Susan Miller discussed all 12 astrological signs—what lies ahead, and important dates to look forward to. Followed by researcher Adrian Gilbert on why he believes Egypt is the original Holy Land.More »
  • Astrology Forecast / Psychic Work

    Astrologer Susan Miller discussed what all 12 astrological signs can expect in 2022. Followed by psychic medium Karyn Reece on her work with law enforcement and negative entities.More »
  • Restrictions on Rights / The Year in Astrology

    Constitutional lawyer Jonathan Emord discussed individual rights versus government restrictions. Followed by astrologist Susan Miller with her story of becoming an astrologer and what's ahead in 2021.More »
  • Astrology of the Eclipse/ Beyond the Veil

    Astrologist Susan Miller discussed the meaning of the upcoming eclipse. Jeffery Olsen & Dr. Jeff O'Driscoll on existence beyond the veil.More »
  • 2016 Astrology/ Fukushima Dangers

    In the first half, Lisa Garr (email) was joined by Susan Miller, who has been studying astrology for more than 30 years. She shared her thoughts for 2016, which she says will be dicey because of the many planets which will be in retrograde throughout the year. In part two...More »
  • Yellowstone, Animal Oddities, & Mummies

    Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe shared reports on increased seismic activity at Yellowstone, Honey bee deaths, the invasion of Lionfish and its effect on the marine eco-system, and Celtic looking mummies buried in China. In the first hour, astrologist Susan...More »
  • Predictions Special 2007

    In our New Year's Day Special, George Noory welcomed various guests who shared their predictions for 2007.More »

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War on Cars / Faith and UFOs
War on Cars / Faith and UFOs
Jay Beeber with the National Motorists Association argued that the act of driving has become overly regulated and villainized in recent years. Followed by UFO experiencer Chris Bledsoe on his various close encounters in North Carolina.


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