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George Knapp welcomed different guests in each hour for a discussion on all things UFO and ET, including a bizarre UFO crash that's been called 'Mexico’s Roswell' (Ruben Uriate/Noe Torres), personal alien abduction accounts from two different abductees (Niara Isley/Bret Oldham), and an update on the latest happenings in the world of UFO research (Alejandro Rojas).

In the first hour, abductee Niara Isley recounted her experience which began after she witnessed a mysterious craft at the military's secretive Tonopah Test Range in Nevada. She explained that, soon after being sent to the base to train pilots on how to avoid being detected by radar, she spotted a UFO in the sky, which she thought might be a back-engineered US test craft. Strangely, she noted that there were armed guards standing nearby and their intent seemed to be to ensure that Isley and her colleagues saw the UFO. The group was then herded onto an old school bus with blacked-out windows, and they were taken to a medical facility where Isley was drugged. At a later date, she said, her superiors forced her to board a craft, which was manned by both a grey and reptilian alien, and she was actually taken to the moon.

The Coyame UFO crash was the focus of the 2nd hour as researchers Ruben Uriarte and Noe Torres detailed their investigation into the 1974 incident which took place along the border of Texas and Mexico. This event, they reported, featured a mid-air collision between a small airplane, flying from the United States into Mexico, and a UFO. When the Mexican military investigated the crash site, they discovered a small disc and, while transporting the object to a nearby Army base, the soldiers grew ill and died. Having monitored the recovery effort via spy satellites and airplanes, the US military then intervened, taking all of the debris as well as the bodies and destroying all the evidence. Although the event happened nearly 40 years ago, the duo described the case as still "unfolding" and expressed hope that witnesses will come forward with their knowledge about the events in Coyame.

Third hour guest, Bret Oldham, talked about his ET abduction experience and how it seemed to cause additional paranormal activity in his life. He traced his story back to the age of 5, when he was woken up by a bright light shining through the window of his home. Pulling back the curtain, he found himself face-to-face with an ET grey and subsequently blacked out. He was revived inside a spaceship and was deeply distraught, so the aliens brought him to a room where he encountered a taller ET that attempted to assuage his fears. After this initial encounter, the abductions continued throughout Oldham's teenage years and he also began seeing ghosts and developed clairaudient abilities. Ultimately, he theorized that the dimensional manipulation used by ETs causes changes in the vibrational frequency of abductees which results in them becoming beacons for paranormal activity.

In the 4th hour, ufologist Alejandro Rojas shared his thoughts on a variety of UFO cases and trends. He observed that deciphering the agenda behind abductions is particularly difficult because the basic stories sound similar but the details and information imparted to abductees are often vastly different. Regarding video footage of UFOs in this age of cell phone cameras, he lamented that ad-driven sites like YouTube have given newfound monetary incentive for hoaxers to create compelling fake videos in an effort to generate online excitement and, in turn, great profit. He also talked about the importance of celebrities embracing and endorsing the UFO phenomenon as a means of increasing public awareness about the enigma. To that end, Rojas talked about his recent appearance on Keeping up with the Kardashians, where he and Travis Walton took the famous sisters to the outskirts of Area 51.

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