Michael Olson

Michael Olson


Michael Keith Olson has been consulting for specialty agriculture projects –big and small – around the world for over three decades. His consultations include the development of a vineyard in Oregon, the commercialization of herbs wild-crafted in the Amazon basin, the redevelopment of an agricultural plateau on the island nation of Cyprus, and metropolitan farms everywhere.

Michael has appeared on and/or hosted more than 1,000 TV and radio shows, written award-winning books, and has been published and quoted in hundreds of articles in magazines, newspapers and websites. His subjects include business, marketing, farm and food, and World War II in the Pacific.



Past Shows:

  • Fake Meat & Food Shortages / Irish Ghosts & Oliver Cromwell

    Author and radio host Michael Olson expressed concerns over food shortages, and the selling of "fake" food. Followed by Irish author Tom Reilly on haunted castles and the controversial history of Oliver Cromwell.More »
  • Urban Farming

    Michael Olson discussed the benefits, logistics, and potential profit potential for urban farmers.More »

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