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China & Food Production / Soulmates & Entities

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Host of the Saturday Food Chain Radio talk show, Michael Olson has been farming since the age of six, and has produced feature-length news for various media. In the first half, he discussed how China is leading the way to capture total control of food production and distribution as a means of controlling the behavior of its population. China has become the world's largest food provider, pushing their farmers into growing more grain, he reported. The reason for this, according to Olson, is that China "knows that if it's going to launch a war, it's going to have to feed itself. So every square inch of China is being turned into a grain-producing region, even backyard gardens." The country considers itself a kingdom, and the CCP believes that the world should be subjugated to them, Olson said.

For the last 40 years, he noted, the US has been giving China a huge amount of money in exchange for taking over polluting or dirty industries. Then China sells the US their inexpensive goods. "As a they have enough money to think they can take over the world and subjugate us, like they subjugated their farmers," he remarked. In China, Olson continued, if someone steps out of bounds, the government can take control of their cell phone (which accesses their digital currency) and refuse them transportation. He also talked about various ways that China's earlier leader, Chairman Mao, controlled the populace. To counter China's current agenda, he recommended that Americans become more self-sufficient and buy food from local farmers. "I firmly believe we can eat our way to economic security and personal freedom," he added.


In the latter half, remote viewer, psychic, and paranormal expert Kimberly McGeorge talked about soulmates, various entities that interact with us, clearing homes of negative spirits, and how she helps clients remove blockages in their lives. The lack of self-love and feeling unworthy often holds people back, she said. Soulmates, McGeorge explained, are typically people we've known in past lives who share a particular resonance with us, though not necessarily in a romantic vein. We have multiple soulmates, she added, accumulated over different lifetimes, and they can exist in various realms and parallel realities.

Discarnate or soulless entities can perturb or drain individuals because we aren't taught to practice "energy hygiene" or how to deal with them, she pointed out. What McGeorge has discovered is that if we are aware of these beings, they can be very open to negotiation and will often simply leave if we ask them to. Some entities are "frozen in time" and may stay in a certain location because they don't know where else to go. She recalled a case where a client sent her baby cam footage of an entity that appeared to be talking to her child on a nightly basis. McGeorge investigated the home and said she detected a "giant portal" under the baby's crib and was able to shut it down and stop the activity. During the last hour, she gave readings for callers. For more, visit Kimberly's YouTube channel.

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