Janet Ossebaard

Janet Ossebaard


In 1994, Janet Ossebaard became fascinated by crop circles due to a visit to a formation near Assen. From 1995, she spent all of her summer months in southern England, the 'cradle' of the phenomenon, where she visited and researched the formations there. She mapped out many formations (in England, the Netherlands and Germany), focusing on taking samples for biophysical research, shooting overview and detailed photos, and mapping anomalies: strange abnormalities such as the presence of foreign substances, bent, twisted or pulled stems and spikes.

She participated in the creation of three video documentaries about the topic, produced by Bert Janssen. In 2000, her first book, "Crop Circles, a Global Mystery," presented a colorful picture of the many faces of the crop circle phenomenon. She is now researching the Q phenomenon while continuing her work with crop circles.



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