The Hidden Nazi / Crop Circle Discoveries

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The Hidden Nazi / Crop Circle Discoveries

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General Hans Kammler was responsible for the construction of Hitler's slave labor sites and concentration camps and personally altered the design of Auschwitz concentration camp to make it, as Dean Reuter described, an even more efficient "assembly-line of death." Reuter joined Richard Syrett in the first half to discuss his astonishing discovery of US government documents that show Kammler was in American custody for months after the war, well after his officially declared death. Reuter said that Kammler was an early member of the Nazi Party in the 1930s, and even became one of the top two party officials by the end of the war. According to other SS officials, he was described as "the worst person I've ever seen," said Reuter.

Ruthless, efficient, and cruel, the general took over the V2 rocket program, Reuter recounted. When it appeared that Germany was going to lose the war, Kammler met with officials from General Electric and soon after, delivered most of the rocket development team to the US, including program head Wehrner von Braun, who became the hero of the American space program. Reuter detailed the mysterious circumstances surrounding Kammler's apparent suicide, the lack of evidence for this event, and a subsequent coverup in order to use Kammler for his knowledge of Nazi technology. Reuter said that there is evidence the general may have escaped to South America with the help of US officials and that "the Nazis never officially gave up."


Janet Ossebaard became fascinated by crop circles after visiting a formation in 1994. From then on, she spent all of her summer months in southern England, the 'cradle' of the phenomenon. In the second half, she shared her research, along with her feelings about the link between crop circles and an alien intelligence. Although she used to believe that all crop formations were created by humans, Ossebaard said the first circle she visited made her feel as if she was meditating, "even though I had never meditated." She maintains that the best evidence for anomalous crop formations are "biophysical changes in the plants," such as alterations in the seeds, bends in the stems, and "blown out nodes" (aka the areas where the sections of the stems meet.)

Ossebaard said the circles appear where an "energy implant" is left in the field, days or even months before, and is then triggered by a type of energy that bends the crops in a pattern that is already present. Military pilots have told her that they can see these energy patterns with infrared equipment, she claimed. Ossebaard also discussed the strange balls of light that are often reported in crop circle formations. She thinks that there is an intelligence behind the phenomenon that is observing humanity's reaction, which may be connected to the issue of UFOs. Although, after 25 years of study, she has more questions than when she started.

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