William Pepper

William Pepper


William Francis Pepper is a barrister in the United Kingdom and admitted to the bar in numerous jurisdictions in the United States of America. His primary work is international commercial law. He has represented governments in the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Asia. Today, Pepper represents Sirhan Sirhan, the gunman convicted in the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy in June 1968.

Bill Pepper was a friend of Martin Luther King in the last year of his life. Some years after King's death, Bill Pepper went on to represent James Earl Ray in his guilty plea, and subsequent conviction. Pepper believes that Ray was framed by the federal government and that King was killed by a conspiracy that involved the FBI, the CIA, the military, the Memphis police and organized crime figures from New Orleans and Memphis. He later represented James Earl Ray in a televised mock trial in an attempt to get Ray the trial that he never had. He then represented the King family in a wrongful death civil trial, King family vs. Loyd Jowers and "other unknown co-conspirators."



Past Shows:

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    Financial analyst with an emphasis on macro-geopolitical events, H. Richard Austin, discussed how prophecies from the Book of Revelation correlate with the Fatima secrets, and point to a World War III looming, instigated by China. First hour guest, lawyer for Sirhan Sirhan,...More »
  • Zodiac Killings

    George Knapp welcomed Tom Voigt, an expert on the Zodiac killings, for a discussion on the case, the victims, and the suspects behind the infamous slayings. During the first hour, attorney William F. Pepper provided an update on his investigation into the RFK assassination...More »
  • Rock & Roll and UFOs

    George Knapp was joined by Tom DeLonge, member of the band Blink 182, for a discussion on the weird world of rock and roll, his longstanding interest in UFOs, and his new website that he hopes will become a clearinghouse for paranormal news. In the first hour, lawyer for Sirhan...More »

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