MLK Assassination/ UFOs & Nukes

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MLK Assassination/ UFOs & Nukes

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William Pepper was James Earl Ray's lawyer for a trial for the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. In the first half, he discussed how even after Ray’s conviction and death, he continues to adamantly argue Ray's innocence. He offered a myth-shattering exposé using decades of research to make the case why Ray was chosen to take the fall for a government-sanctioned assassination of the civil rights movement's greatest leader. In 1968, King's strong Vietnam war opposition riled the military industrial complex, and there were fears that if his planned massive march on Washington took place there could be a violent insurrection and the military would lose control. These were the reasons King was taken out, said Pepper, who added that Ray was a patsy, and the real shooter is a retired Memphis police officer.

Yet, King was still alive after being shot on a balcony, and was actually assassinated in the hospital itself, Pepper shockingly claimed. According to an eyewitness, the chief of surgery at St. Joseph's Hospital removed King's catheter, and suffocated him with a pillow, Pepper stated. He also spoke about his investigation into the Robert Kennedy assassination, and Sirhan Sirhan's innocence. Sirhan's role was that of a distractor, and he was under mind control and chemical influence, he asserted.


In the latter half, noted researcher Robert Hastings talked about the UFO-Nukes connection. Military veterans who were involved in nuclear weapons in some capacity have increasingly been coming forward over the years, and admitting that not only do UFOs exist, but they routinely monitor US nuclear missile sites "and on some occasions have disrupted the functionality of those weapons," he cited. Among the over 150 veterans that Hastings has received testimony from, seven of them spoke out about the issue at his 2010 CNN-streamed press conference.

Descriptions of UFOs from witnesses and air traffic controllers at Malmstrom AFB in Montana described aerial objects that were initially tiny spots, and then the size of a barn in just the blink of an eye, he detailed. While many of these UFO/nuclear incidents have occurred in previous decades, a more recent episode took place in 2010 at Warren AFB in Wyoming in which a massive communication failure took numerous nuclear missiles offline. He learned that there were UFO sightings at the base at the time of the incident, specifically a huge cigar-shaped object. Hasting's efforts to make the public aware of the UFO-Nuke connection have culminated in his documentary, now available for streaming and downloading on Vimeo (use the promo code C2C2 for a discount).

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Christian Wilde

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