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Rain serves as the executive director of the Global Indigenous Council, an international indigenous rights advocacy organization based in the US. In January 2019, the Global Indigenous Council initiated the first national MMIW (missing and murdered Indigenous women) billboard campaign in the US, which Rain art directed and designed. The campaign has now appeared in 12 states with high incidences of MMIW cases. In October 2019, the Global Indigenous Council organized and cohosted the first-ever Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women (MMIW) Tribunal in the US which was held on the Blackfeet Nation.

In addition to his work with the Global Indigenous Council, Rain is also a senior adviser to the Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council. In those capacities, he has led the efforts of those organizations to secure meaningful federal legislation to address the MMIW crisis, several drafts of which are referenced by tribal leaders in the documentary "Somebody’s Daughter."


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