Rainey Marie Highley

Rainey Marie Highley


Rainey Marie Highley is an award-winning spiritual author. Her first book, “Divine Macroverse” was published in 2010 and her 2012 book, “The Water Code: Unlocking the Truth Within” received a Living Now Book Award. A Life Coach, and Soul Tribe Teacher & Guide, she helps clients off the hamster wheel of repetitive living and guides them into the realm of possibility, expansion, freedom, and authentic living. Rainey’s children’s book series, “The Dragon & The Whale” includes “The Long Lost Tale of the Dragon and the Whale,” “The Dragon, The Whale & The Rainbow,” and the third book in the series, “The Dragon, The Whale & The Dolphin.” 



Past Shows:

  • Economy & Debt / Afterlife Revelations

    First Half: Financial consultant Harry S. Dent, Jr. reported on the eventual bursting of the 'everything bubble.' Second Half: Spiritual author Rainey Highley discussed communication with deceased loved ones.More »
  • Prophecy & Geopolitics / Inner Self & Afterlife

    Author John Hogue returned to share his prophetic analysis and geopolitical commentary. Followed by life coach Rainey Highley on finding your inner self, and understanding the afterlife.More »

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