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In the first half, authority on Nostradamus and prophecy, John Hogue returned to share his prophetic analysis and geopolitical commentary. His past remark about the 'roaring' 2020s in which we go to bed and wake up to a world completely changed is starting to play out with events like the war in Ukraine. We're coming to the end of a 'grand Pluto orbit,' and the beginning of the war coincided with a transit of Pluto in the position that it was in during the birth of the United States, he said, adding that there are going to be six more of these passages over the next three years. Hogue argued that the mainstream media is blocking out the Russian point of view, and that widespread perceptions of Putin as evil are overly simplistic.

Hogue has concluded that we are in the midst of a dangerous period that could lead to a third world war, with three 'Cuban Missile' style crises that could ignite it-- Ukraine, Taiwan, and Iran. We could see a decline of the dollar as Russia and China switch their global reserve currency away from the dollar, he predicted, and Europe could fall into an economic depression or recession by the autumn. The 2020s will be a time when fascism returns to the world as corporate globalists attempt to unite everybody in some technocratic wonderland, Hogue warned. "You'll know it's here when you're in perpetual emergency" such as we've seen with the loss of personal freedoms during the pandemic, and now an economic war with Russia.


In the latter half, lawyer turned life coach, Rainey Highley talked about finding your inner self, the afterlife, and Dr. Emoto's work with water. To improve one's life, she advocated using positive affirmations, set in the present tense, such as "I am a great spouse," which can help reshape your experience. She defined the inner self as the part of a person that is eternal, and that continues on after the body dies and was there before you came into this life. We also belong to a "soul family"-- a larger community that we're part of before we come into the Earth experience and when we die, she detailed.

Highley had a vision of her soul family when her beloved pet dog died-- a large and vibrant community "that was supporting me from the Other Side, and they're the ones waiting for us when we pass from this life," she said. A subset of the soul family is the "soul tribe," a smaller group that we are especially close with and tend to incarnate with during our lives, she continued. When a loved one passes, she revealed that the first 72 hours is the best time to communicate with them as they are still close to us. Highley engaged in a dialogue with her deceased mother, who shared details of the afterlife with her. She told her it's a peaceful place with order, clarity, and structure. Regarding the experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who demonstrated that positive sounds and music made water crystals more visually pleasing in appearance, Highley suggested it was "proof that our thoughts and words have an impact on the unseen world."

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