Michael Rampino

Michael Rampino


Michael R. Rampino is a professor of biology and environmental studies at New York University. He has been a consultant for NASA and is the editor of Climate: History, Periodicity, and Predictability (1988) and coauthor of Origins of Life in the Universe (2008).



Past Shows:

  • Earth Catastrophes / Flying Cars

    Professor Michael R. Rampino discussed his work on the science of major planetary upheavals. Followed by C2C investigative reporter Cheryll Jones on her interview with entrepreneur Doron Merdinger about flying cars.More »
  • Earth Cycles & Changes / Anzar Contacts

    Professor Michael R. Rampino updated his latest findings on the Earth's "pulse" and catastrophes. Followed by author Bruce Olav Solheim on Anzar, an ancient alien mystic.More »
  • Earth Cataclysms / NASA Conspiracies & JFK

    Prof. Michael R. Rampino discussed planetary upheavals and extinctions. Followed by Mike Bara on NASA conspiracies, and the JFK assassination.More »

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