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Earth Cycles & Changes / Anzar Contacts

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Professor of biology and environmental studies at New York University Michael R. Rampino has been a consultant for NASA. In the first half, he updated his latest findings on the Earth's "pulse," along with his ongoing work on neocatastrophism—the science behind major planetary upheavals and extinction events. Around every 27.5 million years, there is a pulse of geologic activity that is associated with increased volcanic eruptions, tectonic movements, and changes in sea levels, he cited. This can lead to mass extinctions of life on land and in the sea, only rivaled by the kind of asteroid hits that wiped out the dinosaurs. According to the data, the last such pulse took place around 7 million years ago, though it is a slow rather than instantaneous process.

One theory suggests the pulse is connected to a cycle within the Earth's interior as it periodically heats up. Interestingly, there is also an external cycle in the orbit of our solar system within the Milky Way Galaxy that might relate to the pulse as well. The sun and the planets "bob up and down," crossing the dense mid-plane of the Galaxy about every 30 million years, Rampino noted. Such theories, he indicated, make for an intriguing confluence of astronomy and geology. He also talked about how mountains emerge from collisions of tectonic plates and lead to continental drift, the formation of stars, massive earthquakes such as the New Madrid ones in 1811-1812, and recent discoveries about the interior of Mars that may reveal a timeline of when it was a habitable planet.


Professor of history and author Bruce Olav Solheim discussed Anzar, a self-described ancient alien mystic whom he has known most of his life. Their conversations take place during his frequent "spirit walks" in the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California, he said. During these walks, Solheim explained, he functions like a medium and communicates with deceased loved ones, in addition to Anzar. He sees Anzar (who no longer takes physical form and is said to hail from the Rigel star system) as a very tall being that is "proto-human" in appearance. When he first encountered him as a child in 1964, he was frightened and thought of him as a "monster," though Anzar demonstrated that he was looking out for him.

Anzar has described himself as the "progenitor" or first contact for humans. Solheim has collected about 300 pages of transcripts of his messages, which include predictions, prophecies, and "nudges." Rather than ET disclosure, Anzar has spoken of a more grassroots form of revelation involving spiritual truth, and moving toward a higher level of evolution that he calls a "leap of consciousness." While Anzar concedes predictions can be wrong, he says "preparations are never wrong." He has warned about a possible armed conflict with China, civil unrest in America bordering on a Civil War, and that President Biden may face cognitive decline while in office and someone else could take over. On the topic of psychic abilities, Solheim suggested that our DNA emits light, and connected this idea to telepathy and psychokinesis.

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