Hollister Rand

Hollister Rand


Hollister Rand is an internationally renowned medium, author and speaker. She provides specific messages from loved ones in spirit with feeling, heart, and grace. Hollister can see and hear spirits as well as get a sense of their personalities and emotions. During the last twenty-five-plus years, her unique abilities have provided comfort and healing to tens of thousands of people worldwide.



Past Shows:

  • Financial Crisis / Messages from Spirit

    John Truman Wolfe discussed the rocky state of the economy, and COVID conspiracies. Followed by Hollister Rand on her communications with the Other Side.More »
  • Alternative Health / Other Side Communications

    Ben Fuchs shared alternative health concepts and tips to build immunity. Followed by spiritual medium Hollister Rand with her 'Other Side' communications.More »
  • Spirits, the Afterlife, & Open Lines

    In the first half, George Noory was joined by Hollister Rand, a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient medium who shared what spirits have revealed to her about the afterlife. Open Lines followed.More »