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Financial Crisis / Messages from Spirit

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Author John Truman Wolfe, the editor/publisher of the Strategic Financial Intelligence newsletter, discussed the state of the US and world economies and his analysis of the financial markets. He also shared his take on various COVID-19 conspiracy theories. To bolster the economy during the pandemic shutdown, the Fed printed about $3 trillion out of thin air. However, down the line that kind of money can't help but create inflation and increase interest rates, he cautioned. Wolfe thinks it was a disastrous move to shut down the economy, and was particularly critical of the World Health Organization. The organization was negligent, he believes and could have stopped the pandemic in China.

Wolfe also questioned the motives of Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Bill Gates, whose foundation has an extensive vaccination program and a possible population control agenda, he suggested. As far as investments, he recommended getting into precious metals like gold and silver, which he sees on a bull market run for the next several years. He also advised adding some cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to one's portfolio. Digital currency is here to stay, he said, as governments are moving away from cash.


Author and spiritual medium, Hollister Rand, has provided detailed messages from spirits for more than twenty-five years. In the latter half, she talked about what she's learned from the spirit world and their experience of the afterlife. "Each spirit," she noted, "will give me a different flavor of the afterlife." She's spoken to spirits who are barbecuing, playing cards, and meeting up with lost loves, but there are also certain commonalities among their descriptions. The Other Side is "a place of instantaneous creation with thought," she explained. The spirits often want to communicate with us to set the record straight or make a correction, she added, though she's learned to control when they can visit her.

Rand differentiated spirit guides from angels. Guides are always on our side, help us with our life purpose, and offer inspiration for specific tasks. Angels are messengers of the divine, and she's seen them more frequently of late, which she believes may have something to do with the threat of the pandemic. Interestingly, spirits she communicated with that had died in their sleep told her, "I dreamt my way through death." Rand also receives messages from deceased pets and animals. At one reading, she relayed messages from a man's beloved iguana that he'd kept as a pet in college. During the last hour, she gave readings for callers.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Mish Shedlock

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