Glenn Rhoades

Glenn Rhoades


Glenn E. Rhoades is the Director of National Operations for The Electromagnetic Pulse Task Force on National and Homeland Security, which is an official US Congressional Advisory Board working at supporting the EMP Congressional Caucus Co-Chaired by Colorado Representative (R) Doug Lamborn and New York Representative (D) Yvette Clarke. He has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design (the Architecture of Human Habitat) and a master’s degree in Business Administration. (With a special interest in Alternative Transportation Systems). He was the founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer of Colorado Nanotech Initiative, Inc. 

Prior to that, he spent 35 years at Martin Marietta/Lockheed Martin, Home Depot, Best Buy, Lowes, and Jefferson County Government and State Initiatives in various positions including: engineering planning, sales/consulting, interior space and facility operations, and administration and subcontract management. In 2002, he ran for the Colorado State Board of Education in Colorado’s newest Congressional District 7. In 2014, he joined the EMP Task Force under the leadership of the US Congressional EMP Commission Chief of Staff, Dr. Peter V. Pry, and eventually became its National Director of Operations. He has helped author and develop critical infrastructure legislation with state legislators in Utah, Colorado, Montana, and Florida under the topic of establishing Critical Infrastructure Resiliency Initiatives (CIRI) for those states.


Past Shows:

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  • Threats to America's Grid / The Paranormal Pilot

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  • EMP & Grid Update / Anunnaki & Ancient Astronauts

    Glenn Rhoades, Dr. Peter Pry, and Tommy Waller discussed EMP emergency preparedness.Gerald Clark spoke on the legends of the Annunaki.More »
  • Protecting the Grid/ CIA Spy

    Glenn Rhoades advocated for grid resiliency from EMPs. Followed by EricBurkhart, who was a CIA spy in Iraq, Kosovo, and Africa.More »

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