Rick Harrison

Rick Harrison


Rick Harrison is the star of the popular History Channel series "Pawn Stars.’’ He has an encyclopedic knowledge gleaned from a lifetime of voracious reading that allows him to spot the value in oddities, antiques, historical artifacts, art, and the like. His pawn business acquired a bit of a reputation as that quirky spot on Las Vegas Boulevard you could find Rembrandts, a 400-year-old Samurai Sword, or a diamond-encrusted super bowl championship Ring. Up to 3,000 people make their way to his shop every day, making it one of the top tourist attractions in Las Vegas.


Past Shows:

  • Aliens, UAP, & Area 51

    Former national security investigator John DeSouza discussed the disclosure of UAP, the nature of aliens, FBI files, and more. First-hour guest Rick Harrison shared an inside view of his TV show "Pawn Stars."More »

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