Aliens, UAP, & Area 51

Aliens, UAP, & Area 51


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsRick Harrison, John DeSouza

Former national security investigator for the US government John DeSouza is an experiencer of paranormal and spiritual phenomena. He covered a variety of topics over the evening, including government disclosure of UAP, the nature of aliens, voice-to-skull technology, predictions, and a classic Art Bell "Area 51" caller. He also suggested that today's FBI has become too politicized, and recalled the history of the Pinkerton Detective Agency and their attempts to capture Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. When he worked as an FBI agent, DeSouza said he saw files about UFOs. In one report from 1947, an informant told an agent that aliens were other-dimensional and that their craft were empty and remote-controlled. Further, they were here for peaceful means, and we should never engage them militarily.

DeSouza has concluded that the Navy 'Tic Tac' UAP sightings likely represent man-made top-secret technology and that a lot of the recent government disclosure and hearings are part of a massive PsyOp effort that will eventually involve a fake alien invasion. He predicted that such UAP vehicles would destroy infrastructure and that the US government would announce that aliens are already here through the DNA of certain humans, and citizens would be required to take tests to see if they have those markers. He also foresees that ancient moon bases will be energized and brought to life.

Regarding the famed 1997 Art Bell call from an alleged panicked Area 51 worker, DeSouza noted that the caller claimed that alien visitors are not what they are pretending to be-- they are extra-dimensional and in all of our military bases. While an out-of-work actor later claimed to be the voice of the caller, DeSouza said he conducted a spectrogram analysis and said his voice didn't match up. He believes that Area 51 was moved out of Nevada and into Utah, possibly related to the revelations made in the call.


First-hour guest, Rick Harrison, star of the History Channel series Pawn Stars, discussed the inner workings of the show and its popularity and shared facts about some of the rare items the pawn shop has acquired. He recalled that one guy brought seven human skulls in a duffel bag into the shop. It turned out the man had legally acquired the skulls through a dental school auction, but Harrison passed on the sale as he didn't want to attract police attention. Pawn Stars is enormously popular, he said, as it is shown in around 150 countries and in 30 different languages. His pawn shop in Las Vegas also features a restaurant and bar (Harrison said he often bartends there on the weekends). He announced that the Pawn Stars show is in the midst of a national tour, in which they invite fans to bring in their interesting items.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Mish Shedlock



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