Ancient Coded Texts / Healing Through Consciousness

Ancient Coded Texts / Healing Through Consciousness


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJason Shurka, RJ Spina

In the first half, spiritual teacher and author Jason Shurka revealed that a system of codes, embedded in numerous ancient texts and understood by relatively few, holds the secret to advanced consciousness and technology. He was introduced to this hidden knowledge, he said, by a secret organization called The Light System (TLS). Comprised of a powerful alliance of thousands of human and alien agents, Shurka claimed, TLS's mission is to guide humanity in reaching its highest potential by "awakening the masses." Despite the fact that he himself does not know how to discern or read the codes, his role is to be the person who relays the messages they convey on the group's behalf.

If humanity takes advantage of this opportunity to attain higher consciousness, there's a lot to be gained and celebrated, Shurka continued: levitation, surviving underwater, intergalactic travel, and communicating telepathically are just some of the powers that will be ours. In addition, he explained, the multiple dimensions of existence beyond our own will open up, putting us in the same realms as angels, spirits, and aliens. For Shurka, the tragedy of the pandemic has presented an opportunity that makes him optimistic: we're "pushed into a corner" by what he sees as repressive measures like vaccination mandates and restricted speech, making people more receptive to the idea of a better alternative. "It's the biggest blessing we could ever ask for, because it's causing us to wake up from the coma of awareness that we have been in for so long," he stated.


In the second half, metaphysical teacher RJ Spina related the story of a severe case of sepsis that left him near death in 2016. Although he survived, he was left paralyzed from the chest down and told by doctors that there was no effective treatment. Drawing upon the astral projections he'd experienced since childhood, Spina claimed he had an "awakening" in the hospital that allowed him to heal his own body through a metaphysical—yet scientific—transformation. The process was so intuitive that he likened it to muscle memory, and said he was up and walking a few months later to the astonishment of his doctors.

Since this event, Spina has devoted himself to guiding others through his healing process, which, he asserted, can be applied to any number of ailments and conditions. While most of us only consciously sense the lower frequencies of existence (that is, the physical world), in fact we inhabit the full spectrum of frequencies. By attuning ourselves to this understanding of ourselves, we can realize our highest form of consciousness, which expands into limitless God-like potential. For this reason, Spina concluded, life and death are not real states of existence at all, but are merely different states of consciousness among many others we continue to experience.

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