Robert Treat

Robert Treat


Robert Treat was born in Anchorage, Alaska in 1969 and adopted at birth by an oil driller and his wife and moved to Malta when he was a week old. Robert spent most of his childhood traveling all over the world and lived in Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Norway, Trinidad, Borneo, Scotland, and several other countries. Robert left high school at age 17 and immediately enlisted in the Marine Corps. Prior to leaving for basic training his recruitment was transferred to the United States Navy due to extremely high testing scores. He was initially trained as an Operations Specialist and later went on to become an instructor for Anti-Submarine Warfare, specializing in Target Motion Analysis.

Following his short career in the Navy, Robert went on to work in the private sector as a contractor for several government intelligence and law enforcement agencies. He was contracted to many special access programs specializing primarily in project and finance management. While in this role, he managed projects relating to space-based electronics and armor systems, genetic engineering, social engineering, and psychological operations, along with several other "dark programs."

Guest Robert Treat is quite sick and in need of your help. He has set up a GoFundMe. Support him here.


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