The Gift of Healing / Alien Revelations

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The Gift of Healing / Alien Revelations

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Jerry Wills has seen and felt what he calls the life force essence around living things. On our live Christmas night show, he joined Connie Willis (info) to discuss his gift of healing. He shared details of a number of healings he conducted, including with a man who suffered severe injuries and was in a coma. Wills was able to contact the man in his mind, waking him up from sleeping on a field of grass and telling him to come with him if he wanted to live (the case was featured in a 2006 report from Fox 10 in Phoenix). In his healing process, he said he sees inside a person's body and detects issues, while he experiences what they are feeling. In one instance, he diagnosed a woman with blood clots, and the doctor was amazed he could have known this accurate information.

As part of the healing, he fills the person with light, and at times absorbs things like cancer into himself, which he then "gives back to God...and it's gone from me too." He also talked about the courses in energy work he developed for the Monroe Institute's Gateway series, which he makes available on his website, as part of his site membership program. For more on his life, check out the book written about him by Rod Haberer, "Healer: The Jerry Wills Story."


In the latter half, naval military intelligence veteran Robert Treat shared revelations about why he believes the aliens are here. After describing some of his work for secretive US Navy projects, and as a private contractor for specialized operations, he delved into his life as an alien abductee and what he learned from his interactions with them. From age 5 to 14, he found the aliens he encountered (Greys known as "Archons") to be benevolent. But within the Greys, there are multiple camps or divisions, he said, including ones he called "the fallen," who were defeated in an ancient alien war, and have since been stuck in our solar system, with the quality of their lives degrading over time.

The people who have negative experiences during abduction are generally taken by the fallen, he explained. At the top of the Grey hierarchy are the 'Primarks,' who have sometimes been described as looking praying mantis-like, with very large heads. During a later abduction as an adult, Treat said the aliens had a moldy/mildewy smell, and their ship seemed degraded. A lot of human technology is being prepared to use in a second war between the Greys, which will happen in Earth's environment, he warned. According to Treat, the many races that exist throughout the galaxy share a common core of DNA, and some of it functions as an upload/download tool. Treat will soon be undergoing heart surgery, and is seeking financial assistance. You can show your support in this season of giving by visiting his GoFundMe page.

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