Ross Coulthart

Ross Coulthart


Ross Coulthart is an award-winning investigative journalist and writer. Previously an investigative reporter on news and current affairs program 60 Minutes on Channel Nine and chief investigations reporter for the Sunday Night news program, Coulthart has won five prestigious Walkley journalism awards, including the most coveted top award for Australian journalism, the Gold Walkley. His broadcast television investigative journalism has also won the top broadcast award, a Logie.

Ross is the co-author of bestselling books Dead Man Running and Above the Law, both exposes of organized crime in Australian and international outlaw motorcycle gangs, as well as Charles Bean, Lost Diggers, Lost Tommys, and Secrecy for Sale: Inside the Global Offshore Money Maze.



Past Shows:

  • UFO Cover-ups / Death & the Paranormal

    UFO researchers Bryce Zabel and Ross Coulhart discussed alleged cover-ups by government and media of UFO sightings in recent years. Followed by researcher Joshua Cutchin on a new mythology of death and the paranormal.More »
  • Polygamous Mormon Sect / UFO Revelations

    Author Sally Denton talked about her book, The Colony, which examines the strange, little-understood world of a polygamist Mormon outpost in Mexico. Investigative journalist Ross Coulthart discussed revelations about UFOs and his 'Need To Know' documentary with Bryce Zabel.More »
  • UAP Investigations / Crystal & Human Skulls

    Journalist Ross Coulthart shared his investigation into UAPs. Followed by reporter Cheryll Jones with her interview of archeologist Mark Olly on human and crystal skulls.More »
  • UFOs & Cryptids / UAP Investigations

    Stan Gordon discussed his intriguing casebook of sightings, and how reports of UFOs and cryptids are often intertwined. Followed by journalist Ross Coulthart on his investigation of UAP.More »

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