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Stan Gordon has spent more than 60 years of his life chasing monsters and UFOs. In the first half, he joined George Knapp to discuss his intriguing casebook, and how reports of UFOs and cryptids are often intertwined. Over the years, he has focused on cases in his local state of Pennsylvania, which has a long and storied history of high strangeness dating back to Native American's accounts (who described a Sasquatch-like creature). The Chestnut Ridge in the southwest part of the state is particularly active for UFO sightings, Bigfoot and cryptid encounters, and mystery booms, he said. Throughout the state, he's interviewed hundreds of people who've seen Bigfoot, with sightings that come in every year (Gordon operates a 24-hour UFO & Bigfoot/Cryptid Sightings Hotline (phone/fax) 724-838-7768).

In 1972, in a wooded area outside of Greensburg, PA, numerous residents made independent reports of seeing strange footprints and a tall creature, hearing screams and cries, and observing odd golf-ball-sized spheres of light that flew low near their homes. This was followed by a huge UFO wave in PA in 1973, he detailed, including large structured objects that hovered over vehicles and highways. A memorable case Gordon and his team investigated took place on October 25, 1973, in rural Fayette County, when a red-sphere UFO landed at the same time as two Bigfoot creatures were seen in a nearby pasture. One of the witnesses fired a tracer bullet at the creature, and at that exact moment the sphere vanished, he recounted. Gordon believes there could be a connection between UFOs and cryptids, but it's difficult to define. Many of the UFO craft seem to have both physical and non-physical properties, he noted, while the cryptids could have an interdimensional aspect (such as when they disappear into thin air after being shot at it).


Australian award-winning investigative journalist Ross Coulthart has been intrigued by UFOs since mysterious glowing lights were reported and filmed near New Zealand's Kaikoura mountains when he was a teenager. In the latter half, he shared his latest investigation into UAPs through his new book and documentary "In Plain Sight." Regarding the Kaikoura lights (which were recorded by a TV camera crew in 1978), prosaic explanations were offered, but Coulthart found out years later that the NZ government had deliberately misled the public. He detailed a 1966 incident in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, when over 200 children and adults looked up and saw three metallic discs hovering over the school ground in broad daylight. One of the teachers, Andrew Greenwood, revealed to him that he was threatened to keep quiet.

Coulthart concluded there was a cover-up in the Melbourne case, as there were no official records of it, and yet it was "probably the most significant UFO sighting of all time in Australia," he said. In an interview with a former Director of the US Navy's Science and Technology Development, who was dying of cancer, he admitted to Coulthart that the US government had multiple UFO or alien craft in their possession and that he'd been shown at Wright Patterson AFB, a large metal fragment that was welded together at an atomic level in a manner unknown to terrestrial technology. Coulthart also talked about the purported Admiral Wilson memo, and reports that Edgar Mitchell saw an unknown craft on the moon, and was aware that the Apollo mission was trailed by a UFO during their flight.

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