Ozone Therapy / Hekate, Magick, & Covens

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Ozone Therapy / Hekate, Magick, & Covens

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Expert on the inventor Nikola Tesla and also in the field of graphology, Marc J. Seifer, PhD, has lectured and published on both subjects widely. He discussed the science and history of ozone therapy and its viability in treating viruses and infections. He first heard about ozone treatment at a 1984 Tesla conference-- Tesla invented an ozone generator, and recognized that it could have health benefits. During the pandemic, Seifer became interested in the technology as a possible way to combat the coronavirus. He was particularly struck by the 2001 research of a chemist at the Scripps Institute-- Paul Wentworth, who discovered that our own antibodies routinely manufacture ozone. This suggests to Seifer that ozone can enhance what our immune system is already doing.

Ozone (O3) can be considered a different form of oxygen (O2), he explained, and therapy involving it is really oxygen-ozone treatment, as it's 95% oxygen that a patient receives, which purifies the blood. Methods of ozone therapy include hyperbaric chambers, UV light, and injections-- some 350 doctors practice the approach in the US, including Dr. Frank Shallenberger in Nevada. While ozone is used to disinfect hospital rooms and swimming pools, Seifer lamented that the FDA seems reluctant to back ozone therapy for humans and has classified it as a toxic gas. Ozone therapy could take the place of many medications, which is one reason the pharmaceutical industry might be opposed to it, he added.


Occult specialist Sal Santoro is the co-owner of The Crooked Path, a leading traditional witchcraft store in the Los Angeles area. In the latter half, he addressed a variety of occult topics, including ceremonial magick, covens, spells, and the ancient Greek goddess Hekate, said to preside over magic and spells. On trips to Greece, Santoro said he started experiencing occult visitations with Hekate and subsequently opened up a temple dedicated to her in Southern California. She is the "mother of the crossroads" and can be thought of as a "proto-deity," who preceded the gods of Olympus, he detailed.

A coven is a group of people who follow the same theosophical system, and gather not unlike those in a church. They often work with the agricultural wheel of the year-- a neo-paganist approach celebrating such times as the solstices, Beltane, and Samhain (Halloween), he continued. Santoro also introduced his store's new Planetary Magick app, which catalogs an extensive set of magickal spells and instructions, and spoke about some of the current classes offered at The Crooked Path.

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