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John Fogerty: Life and Times / Witchcraft & Magick

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In the first half, legendary musician John Fogerty, who was the lead singer and guitarist, and principal songwriter for the rock group Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR), discussed his latest music project, career, and thoughts on the state of the world. He talked about his early years in the music business and problems with his record company after CCR broke up. A longtime C2C listener, he said he's fascinated by things that go bump in the night, and that his son Tyler has a passion for ufology. The inspiration for the popular Creedence song "Bad Moon Rising" came from astrology and the old movie, "The Devil and Daniel Webster," he revealed.

Fogerty detailed how he's coping through the pandemic with the lack of live concerts. Recently, he collaborated with his three youngest children as "Fogerty's Factory," performing cover versions from the Creedence songbook, first on YouTube, and now as an album (a number of these songs were heard for the bumper music during the show). Two of his sons, he noted, are in a band called Hearty Har. He commented that it was confounding that President Trump was using his song "Fortunate Son" at some of his rallies, considering that the lyrics refer to privileged people who avoided the draft during the Vietnam war (which Trump did). Fogerty shared that his favorite musician is Jerry Douglas, known for playing the dobro (similar to a Hawaiian guitar), frequently heard in bluegrass music.


Occult specialist Sal Santoro is the co-owner of A Crooked Path, a traditional witchcraft store in Burbank, CA. Sal's 30 years of experience in all things magick has led to him being one of the go-to sources for demystifying this misunderstood craft. In the latter half, he spoke about traditional witchcraft, ceremonial magick, and spellcraft. He considers what he does as akin to simple mathematics, in knowing what time of day to conduct various rituals to bring in specific planetary energies. At the heart of witchcraft is using your will to manifest change, he explained. With spellcraft, he continued, it's the combination of intense emotion with the external components that create the manifestation. As a witchcraft practitioner, he accesses the subconscious and tries to "make the astral plane reflect that which we want to manifest on the physical."

He described how candle magic works, with some rituals set up to run for seven days to move through the different planets. The colors of the candles correspond to the days of the week, he outlined: Monday (Moon-- lavender/white), Tuesday (Mars-- red), Wednesday (Mercury-- orange), Thursday (Jupiter-- blue), Friday (Venus-- green/pink), Saturday (Saturn-- purple/black) and Sunday (Sun-- gold/yellow). This scale comes from the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, he added. Santoro also discussed his ritualistic work with Hekate, the Greek goddess of sorcery, as taught by Jason Miller.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Charles Coppes

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