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Tesla's Discoveries / Dream Insights

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In the first half, expert on the inventor Nikola Tesla, Marc J. Seifer, Ph.D., discussed his 40 years of research into Tesla's discoveries. Tesla's brilliant inventions continue to influence military technology and diplomatic strategies, including the particle beam weapon (the so-called "Death Ray"). Seifer revealed Tesla's interactions with pivotal historical figures interested in his technology, including Joseph Stalin, Vannevar Bush, General Andrew McNaughton, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In the 1930s, Tesla was negotiating with Stalin to be paid for his particle beam designs (the Soviet Union gave him $25,000 in 1934, Seifer reported). The US Navy's electromagnetic railgun is a definite outcropping of Tesla's particle beam technology, he added.

Interestingly, Ronald Reagan also has a connection to Tesla and the particle beam, Siefer shared. Reagan starred in a 1940 movie called "Murder in the Air" about a death ray, and later, when he became president, he started the 'Star Wars' missile defense program. Tesla's groundbreaking ideas about multiple frequencies and wireless channels led to such inventions as cell phones, encryption, TV remotes, and WiFi, and in 1904, he proposed a hydroelectric car (the inventors of Tesla electric vehicles named them after Nikola Tesla as a tribute). Siefer noted that Tesla was also interested in healing technologies and developed electrotherapy devices, and an ozone generator said to be able to kill viruses.


Intuitive and Reiki Master Samantha Fey co-hosts two popular podcasts, Psychic Teachers and Enlightened Empaths, both of which teach listeners how to embrace their innate sensitivity. In the latter half, she talked about how dreams can involve immense insights, uncanny experiences, and healing potential. The shared dreaming phenomenon is particularly fascinating, she pointed out, citing occultist Oliver Fox's dream experiment where he and two friends met in agreed-upon locations in their dreams. Fey also spoke about a series of dreams in which she attended an "astral school," where she was taught ways to work with intuition and manifesting. Curiously, her classmates remained the same over the series of dreams.

Dreams can have precognitive aspects and sometimes foretell illnesses. "You can...ask for guidance in dreams with issues that you're dealing with of a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual nature," Fey stated. She gave an example of an older woman with an illness that couldn't be diagnosed. One morning she woke up and saw that she'd written down a name from a dream, which turned out to be the name of a doctor from a few towns over, who correctly diagnosed her with Lyme disease. In an intriguing case from Chicago, a murdered hospital worker named Teresita began appearing in recurring dreams of her co-worker, offering her information about who killed her, and this eventually led to the arrest of a suspect.

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