Sara Karloff

Sara Karloff


Sara Karloff, Boris Karloff’s only child, was born on her father’s 51st birthday. She says her father would be utterly amazed and gratified by the fan following he has today, and, “He was a very modest man and felt he was very lucky to be able to spend his life doing something he genuinely loved.” Ms. Karloff is widowed, has two grown sons and three grandchildren. She has lived in Rancho Mirage, CA since 1981. In 1993, following the death of her step-mother, Evelyn Karloff, Sara assumed the responsibility for the persona and licensing rights relating to her famous father and formed Karloff Enterprises. The company’s goal is to maintain a standard of excellence and appropriateness when the name or likeness of her father is used. Through the licensing process she has been able to make merchandise and collectibles available to her father’s fans.


Past Shows:

  • Legacy of Karloff / Remote Viewing Horse Races

    Actor Boris Karloff's only child, Sara Karloff, discussed her father's on-screen legacy as the monster in the classic Frankenstein films. Followed by Shane Ivie, who shared how he uses advanced-level remote viewing to pick winning horses at the race track.More »

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