Shane Ivie

Shane Ivie


Shane Ivie is a highly skilled, advanced level remote viewer. He is, admittedly, not military trained, but he was trained by some of the original personnel from the, once super-secret, US military psychic spy program that eventually became known as Star Gate. Initially, Shane first became aware of remote viewing (RV) when the government program was declassified in 1995 and through late-night radio interviews of the members of Star Gate.

It has been over two decades since Shane put his pen to the paper in an attempt to emulate the results that were being reported about RV. In February of 2000 Shane began his journey as a remote viewer by purchasing a home study course that was offered by Ed Dames and his company. Shane has also participated in award-winning RV experiments, conducted presentations for the Applied Precognition Project (APP), participated as an assistant for RV educational companies, and participated in real-world operational projects.


Past Shows:

  • Legacy of Karloff / Remote Viewing Horse Races

    Actor Boris Karloff's only child, Sara Karloff, discussed her father's on-screen legacy as the monster in the classic Frankenstein films. Followed by Shane Ivie, who shared how he uses advanced-level remote viewing to pick winning horses at the race track.More »

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