The Observer Effect / Hypnotherapy Revelations

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The Observer Effect / Hypnotherapy Revelations

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In the first half, scientist and author Robert Lanza, M.D. discussed the science behind the astounding fact that time, space, and reality itself, all ultimately depend upon us, the observer. His latest book "Observer," a novel co-written with Nancy Kress, concerns research conducted at a mysterious facility in the Caribbean into consciousness and the continuation of the soul. One of the premises of the novel is that death isn't the terminal event we think, "rather it's just a break in our linear continuity of space and time," he remarked. Lanza compared our experience of time to a record album, where we can only hear the music in the present where the needle is playing, yet the past and future exist simultaneously on the whole LP.

In another metaphor, he explained the observer effect as like a TV set – if you have it turned off, you don't see the image, yet if a neighbor has their set turned on, the picture exists for them. He also talked about his work in the field of biocentrism, and his recent paper on the arrow of time, expanding on Einstein's idea that time is relative to the observer. Lanza argues that time is actually created by the observer, and the way that we process and remember information. One fascinating possibility he related to the observer effect is the development of time travel, which he speculated might come into existence within the next 20-100 years.


In the latter half, author and master hypnotist Sarah Breskman Cosme revealed hidden knowledge she's gleaned from various hypnosis sessions, as well as how the practice can be used for healing and help in one's daily life. Hypnosis can be thought of as a deeply focused inward concentration-- it is not sleep or a loss of consciousness, she stated. Cosme said that she can tap into "universal consciousness" within her clients, where they are able to share secrets about such mysteries as Atlantis, the Sphinx, and aliens, and the information is often similar between them. She has also learned that physical maladies may represent psychological or past life issues, such as lung problems expressing stored grief. Ailments on the right side of the body relate to a current situation, whereas the left side is connected with something from the past, she added.

Cosme has concluded that the various types of aliens said to be visiting our planet represent future versions of humanity from different timelines, and they are coming back to check on us. The Greys, she detailed, have an avatar-like (non-physical) body, and bred out their emotions because they thought they were a hindrance. On one timeline, Earth was destroyed, and humans moved out into space, and after a millennia, they evolved into what the Greys look like, she explained. Regarding Atlantis, what she learned from hypnotized clients is that the ancient Atlanteans warred with another civilization, Lemuria, over powerful crystals that were given to the Lemurians by the Star People.

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