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Sarah R. Adams has experienced many things, from seeing abductions to seeing angels who aided her. Her awakened consciousness increased as she got older. She experienced the supernatural and past lives in Egypt and Atlantis. Telepathy, weather abnormalities, feeling others emotions, remote viewing, quantum leaping, and time travel are among the other alternate realities Sarah has endured.

Sarah works with many clients around the world in what she calls "intuitive healing." This includes using homeopathy herbs, supplements, diet superfoods, detoxing, energy work, essential oils, visualization, mediation, subtle energy work, and cellular work, all to heighten the frequency of the temple and precious bodies we have been given. She has made TV appearances on Gaia TV including Beyond Belief and Buzzsaw, as well as Vice TV, The Bases Project, co-hosting the Divine Truth Show on Revolution Radio and many others.


Past shows:

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Last Night

Dr. Joel Wallach offered alternative health approaches that aid the body's recovery from diseases and ailments. Followed by master hypnotherapist Lesley Mitchell-Clarke on the recovered memories and patterns common with experiencers.

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