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George Scott

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A registered beekeeper for more than 25 years, George Scott is a passionate advocate for beekeeping as a crucial component for Ontario’s agricultural success, now and in the future. He is a patent holder for the vertical axis wind turbine. This unique technology won the prestigious Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year award. Currently George is involved in straw based bio mass to pellet conversion. An award winning researcher with the University of Guelph, George is a patent holder of advanced root management growth media for the production of cucumbers, tomatoes and bell peppers. Together with the UoG, this research won the highest Ontario Centres of Excellence award in 2007.

In 2000 George founded L3K, a not for profit corporation focused on environmental preservation, neutraceutical crop production and native species protection. George is an avid outdoorsman and maintains a 50 acre farm producing biodiversity based crops, honey bees, woodlot, nursery crops and continued ag based research.


Past shows:

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