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David Yurth

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David G. Yurth's professional focus for 50 years has been in the field of technology development, invention management, and system integration. He has served as chief scientist, managing partner, founder, director, and CEO of numerous companies. He is currently working as Director of Science & Technology for the Nova Institute of Technology. His experience is heavily weighted in industry networking, technology analytics and research, and prototype development and testing.

Yurth has invented or co-invented more than 60 innovative technology-based integrations and devices. He is the author of twelve books, 15 screenplays and 12 scientific papers, articles and scientific monographs, and serves as reviewer and editor for 5 peer-reviewed scientific publications.



Past shows:

Pollution Reduction Devices/ Dwindling Bees

Joining Richard Syrett in the first half, David G. Yurth, principal inventor and co-founder of Nova Institute of Technology, presented an update on his compact, lightweight, low-cost energy efficient device that eradicates all exhaust fumes produced by internal combustion... More »

Eliminating Exhaust/ MI6 Origins

In the first half of the program, Richard Syrett was joined by David G. Yurth, principal inventor and co-founder of Nova Institute of Technology, for a discussion on the Corona Discharge Gas Plasma Disassociation System: a compact, lightweight, low-cost energy efficient... More »

Last Night

Astrologer William Stickevers detailed cycles of crisis, and what the future may hold. Followed by researcher Bruce Fenton on his theories of alien manipulation of human genetics.

More »


Full Schedule »


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