Sebastiano De Filippi

Sebastiano De Filippi


An Italian citizen living in Argentina, Prof. Sebastiano De Filippi is considered a musician of international repute. Formerly an opera singer and chorus master, he has since become a much sought-after orchestra conductor and conducting teacher worldwide. He’s currently music director of the National Congress Chamber Orchestra in Buenos Aires and artistic director of the Latin-American Orchestra Conducting Academy.While pursuing his craft –and becoming a Licentiate in Orchestra Direction at the Royal Schools of Music, London– he studied anthropology and archaeology at the Buenos Aires University, and then political science and international relations at the Argentine Catholic University. As a researcher of UFOs and UFO-related phenomena, he has more than 25 years of experience, mostly centered on the Acoglanis/Uritorco/Erks case in Cordoba.


Past Shows:

  • UFO Contacts / UAP Technology

    Conductor Sebastiano De Filippi discussed his research on UFOs, including the case of Argentina's Mount Uritorco. Followed by former intelligence officer Franc Milburn on "beyond next generation" UAP technologies.More »

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