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In the first half, classical conductor Sebastiano De Filippi joined George Knapp to discuss his research on UFOs, particularly those reported at Argentina's Mount Uritorco. For decades, De Filippi has been fascinated by Ángel Cristo Acoglanis, a complex and enigmatic guru figure who conducted rituals in order to conjure "mystery lights" and other phenomena atop Uritorco. Although Acoglanis was known to be a con artist and liar, De Filippi noted, he was nevertheless credited with supernatural powers that are impossible to explain. In fact, among these types of visionaries, such contradictory qualities are more common than one would guess.

De Filippi went on to describe his own Uritorco encounter. Following unusual cloud movement he observed there one day, he said, he witnessed a series of bluish orb-like lights that seemed to trace the image of an object in the air. Despite such a dramatic display, however, De Filippi believes that these entities don't especially wish to be documented or understood; they're likely a highly superior species that scoffs at our attempts to study them. As to why Uritorco is the site of such unusual activity, he speculated that in addition to Acoglanis being an especially potent conduit for high strangeness, the area is the site of a huge slaughter of indigenous people, as well as other violence throughout history. He agreed with George when he pointed out that Uritorco is similar to Utah's Skinwalker Ranch in this way.


Former intelligence officer Franc Milburn was the guest in the second half. Recently, Milburn's expertise and experience lent an authoritative voice of support to those—including George—who believed a leaked US intelligence report on UAP to be authentic. His credentials have also given him very useful access to people and information connected to other UAP phenomenon, he related, which has led to his authoring of several papers on the topic.

Milburn discussed the "beyond next generation" technologies found in the most current UAP reports. For example, some alien craft operate through "cognitive manipulation," or control by the mind of the pilot. This is one reason, he continued, that reverse engineering of the crafts' design has been very difficult. Milburn also dismissed the assertions of skeptics who attribute the sightings to secret military operations by countries like the US, China, and Russia. The possession of such technology by such powerful governments, he argued, would be put to very immediate and obvious use, and not hidden to be rumored about.

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