William Sheehan

William Sheehan


William Sheehan is a writer, therapist and Christian blogger. He is also an avid archer, marksman, and fisherman. He has compiled numerous accounts and testimonies of witnesses to Bigfoot in North America.



Past Shows:

  • Bigfoot Terror / Emotions & Illness

    William Sheehan reported on sightings and encounters of Bigfoot in North America. Followed by Jerry Kantor, who delved into the emotional roots of chronic illness, and homeopathic remedies.More »
  • Violent Bigfoot Encounters / Yeshua Codes

    Paranormal researcher William Sheehan reported on violent encounters with Bigfoot. Pastor Carl Gallups discussed his book, The Yeshua Protocol, which reveals Yeshua "codes" in the Old Testament and encoded in our DNA.More »
  • Rethinking Sustainable Development/ Bigfoot Sightings

    Steve Goreham argued that environmentally sustainable development is based on false concepts. Followed by William Sheehan with eyewitness Bigfoot accounts.More »

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