Rethinking Sustainable Development/ Bigfoot Sightings

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Rethinking Sustainable Development/ Bigfoot Sightings

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In the first half, researcher on environmental issues and a former engineer Steve Goreham argued that the ideology of environmentally sustainable development is based on false concepts such as man-made global warming. A lot of the climate models are faulty because they're built on the wrong assumptions, he suggested. Goreham just attended the Climate Week New York gathering, and concluded that a lot of the attendees "believe that if they change light bulbs, they can save polar bears; if we all drive electric cars, we can stop the oceans from rising; and if we build wind turbine towers we can make the storms less frequent and less severe." These attitudes, he said, reflect a "modern age of superstition."

He referred to the "four horsemen of the global apocalypse"-- overpopulation, global pollution, climate destruction, and resource depletion, as misconceptions which have been exaggerated as problems or greatly improved upon in recent years. The Earth, he noted, is dominated by long-term cycles (changes in the planet's axis and orbit), medium-term cycles (related to the sun), and shorter cycles (like El Nino), which all affect climate. The idea that CO2 is harmful is wrong as greenhouse gases do not cause pollution, Goreham asserted.


In the latter half, cardiology technician and lifelong researcher of the paranormal, William Sheehan discussed his decades of research compiling eyewitness accounts and evidence of Bigfoot. The fact that they leave prints from both the hands and feet and bleed when injured according to reports, suggests to him that they are living and breathing entities "like any other creatures, be they great or small, on the planet." Over seven feet in height, some have described Bigfoot as having conical-shaped heads, and fur that ranges in color from salt & pepper to auburn to brown and black. Their bodies, he cited, seem to come in two types-- burly or bear-like, or shaped like weightlifters with hugely muscular forms.

In one instance, a Russian professor was out hiking with a friend in North America and got close enough to Bigfoot to hear their jabbering, which sounded to him like a Siberian dialect he was unfamiliar with. Sheehan postulated that the creatures might have crossed the land bridge between the continents at some point. Another incident involved three scout leaders and scouts doing survival training in a mountainous area in Pennsylvania. Up on the trail, they noticed a light moving in the woods in a strange fashion. As they got closer, they saw it was a bluish-white orb, about 10 feet off the ground. A "glob," growing in size, came out of the orb and made its way to the ground. They were startled to see a Bigfoot appear, as though in suspended animation, inside the glob. Sheehan speculated that this kind of creature might be a mimicking of the natural Earth-bound ones.

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith, Dr. Peter Breggin

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