Antichrist & the Eclipse / Evolution & Intelligent Design

Antichrist & the Eclipse / Evolution & Intelligent Design


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsMark Biltz, Geoffrey Simmons

Founder of El Shaddai Ministries in Washington State, Mark Biltz is a well-known commentator on biblical and messianic prophecy. In the first half, Biltz outlined his idea that solar and lunar eclipses are pre-planned as signs to humans about coming events. He believes that we should pay particular attention “if they fall over populated areas and on a holiday appointed by God,” but eclipses that pass over unpopulated areas hold no real significance in prophecy. Recent and upcoming celestial events, however, such as the forthcoming solar eclipse on July 4th over the US are harbingers of coming times of disturbing world events, he said. Biltz also sees these heavenly movements as signs of increased “control and manipulation” of the populace.

Biltz continued with his analysis and discussed what he sees as the menace of artificial intelligence, and its eventual ability to supersede humans and make decisions involving moral choice. He pointed out that AI systems like Alexa and Siri may soon be programmed to detect the sounds of violence or even the threat of violent activity and alert the authorities. He also warned of a coming “seven years of tribulation” or civilization-wide unrest which he believes will begin in 2022, but can only start in certain seven-year cycles. Even though he contends that some of the present violence and unrest are caused by “paid actors,” Biltz concluded that, as a result of this time of turmoil, “people need to draw close to God.”


Board-certified in Internal Medicine and Disaster Medicine, Dr. Geoffrey Simmons was an ardent supporter of evolutionary ideas. Now, he claims the data supporting this theory is scientifically untenable. In the second half, he said the journey to his support of intelligent design began with his wife, a Seventh-Day Adventist, who caused him to doubt his reliance on the evolutionary theories of Charles Darwin. He realized, as he put it, that the theory of evolution was “not enough to explain us and our design.” Simmons now believes that humans were “programmed” and that “there are blueprints” for the human species, and that these “blueprints” are “the language of God.”

Simmons used the analogy of the development of robots and artificial intelligence to show that humans mirror biology since it seems like the best design to follow. He added his belief that the first country to develop a robot closest to human beings will be the nation that leads and rules the world. Robots that mimic humans would be the best space explorers, said Simmons, so for future exploration, “everything will need to look like a person” for efficiency, functionality, and survival in harsh environments outside Earth. He summarized that our destiny in space will depend on our ability to “recreate ourselves in our own image.”

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