Sarah Soderlund

Sarah Soderlund


Sarah Soderlund is a psychic, hypnotherapist and paranormal investigator. She has studied parapsychology as a member of the Parapsychological Association and holds a master’s degree in forensic psychology; She is pursuing a doctorate in Behavioral Counseling with a focus on psychopathy. Sarah hosts Mysteries of the Mind, a weekly Internet radio program on Intrepid Radio about Alternative Psychological Concepts. She gives presentations at various paranormal conferences across the U.S., has been featured with Darkness Radio since 2008, and was a guest with "American Haunting" on A&E.



Past Shows:

  • Haunted Houses, Demons, & Dark Arts

    Dave Schrader (email) was joined in the first half of the show by forensic psychology and parapsychology researcher Sarah Soderlund, who shared details from a terrifying experience she had at five as well as some paranormal cases on which she has consulted. Followed by writer...More »