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Astrology Forecast / Consciousness Shift & Animal Telepathy

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In the first half, expert in Mundane Astrology, Mark Lerner discussed planetary alignments and retrograde movements that will affect the United States and the world in the coming months. In October, not only will Mercury be in retrograde, but several planets will be stationary, he reported. Saturn goes from reverse back to direct on October 10th, and just before the full moon on October 20th, Jupiter comes out of retrograde right when Mercury does, making for a powerful month, he added. This fall, we also see a period of Saturn return-- a cycle that repeats every 29 years and is associated with turbulent events, Lerner cited. Two Saturn returns ago, we had the Cuban Missile Crisis (October 1962), and in the last one in 1991, it was around the time of the Persian Gulf War, as well as the Bosnian conflict. 

He related the pandemic to Jupiter and Saturn moving into Aquarius --an air sign (Lerner devotes seven episodes of his podcast "Astroscope" to different aspects of coronavirus). There will also be significant astrological events in November and December, he said, including a lunar eclipse on November 19th – the same date that a dwarf planet named Chaos (beyond Pluto) was discovered. For those who want to learn more about astrology, Lerner offers an online School of Planetary Studies. During the last hour, he gave readings to callers based on their birth dates.


In the latter half, author and energy healer Lori Spagna talked about her longstanding work with animal telepathy and communication, as well as her belief that an evolutionary shift of consciousness is taking place on our planet. "Animals are the ultimate empaths," she said, "and they're speaking a universal language of energy" that humans are just beginning to understand. Interestingly, cats have a remarkable ability to identify beings from an interdimensional realm, she suggested. "For example, they can see entities or other non-physical beings that we might not know are there," and, she continued, they can kind of "absorb" these entities, so they don't interfere with their humans' lives.

After our pets die, they may become guides or guardians in the afterlife for the humans they lived with, Spagna shared, and they'll stay with them for as long as they feel they're needed. Though we've been held back to some degree, we are in the midst of a massive change in humanity's consciousness, which started in the 1960s, she said. We're beginning to realize that our external reality is a reflection of the internal, and as we evolve from the inside, the physical world will become part of the new "5th Dimensional Paradigm," she explained. Spagna recounted details of her amazing psychic encounter at a retreat at a crystal lake bed in Arkansas in which she saw blasts of light that she interpreted as portals opening up over the lake. She was told that "Star Beings" were encoding information into the crystals so people could access it. 

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Steve Kates

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