Alan Stivelman

Alan Stivelman


Alan Stivelman is an Argentinian filmmaker, working in both fiction and documentary film. "Humano" was his first film, which has had worldwide relevance since its premiere in 2013. To date it has had more than three million viewers worldwide, being translated into more than 7 languages. From April 2017 it has been added to the Netflix film catalogue. It premiered in a dozen international festivals, such as: Warsaw, Brasilia, Mar del Plata, Gramado, Lima, Avanca, Helsinki, among others.

He is currently working on the promotion of his new film: "Witness of Another World," an emotional story of a gaucho who at the age of twelve had a supernatural encounter that changed his life forever. It premiered in cinemas in Spain, Paraguay and Argentina, and was the most watched documentary of the year. The film rights were acquired by 1091 Media for an October 2019 release.


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