Neil Storey

Neil Storey


Award winning historian and author Neil R. Storey explores some of the lesser known public scares and murders ascribed to Jack the Ripper and some of the lesser known suspects offered up as the Whitechapel murderer both during and in the years post 1888. After studying both pre and post grad at UEA, Neil became a social and military historian specializing in societal impacts – notably crime, medicine and warfare. He has an extensive collection of vintage and antiquarian crime books and memorabilia and owns his own nationally recognized archive of photographs, paperwork and manuscripts he draws upon for his articles, books and lectures.

Neil has written forty books, including The Dracula Secrets which revealed intriguing links between Bram Stoker the man, and his darkest creation with Jack the Ripper. Neil also produced such volumes as East End Murders, Victorian Prisons and Prisoners, The Victorian Criminal and A Grim Almanac Of Jack the Ripper’s London as well as countless articles for both national magazines and academic journals. He lectures across the UK and has been a consultant on a number of television and radio documentaries and dramas.



Past Shows:

  • Jack the Ripper, Dracula & Bram Stoker

    Since its publication in 1897, there have been suggestions that the fictional exploits of Dracula were more closely associated with Jack the Ripper than a Transylvanian Count. Historian Neil Storey joined Dave Schrader (email) for the full show to discuss the first British-based...More »

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