Dr. Tony Youn

Dr. Tony Youn


Tony Youn, M.D. is a board-certified plastic surgeon. Youn made his national TV debut on Dr. 90210 and has been a frequent guest on The Rachael Ray Show and The CBS Early Show. He has written articles for RADAR magazine, MSNBC.com and CBS News.com. Tony's blog is the most popular blog by a plastic surgeon in the country.



Past Shows:

  • Plastic Surgery Trends / Nessie & UFOs

    Dr. Tony Youn talked about new trends in plastic surgery. Followed by author Steve Alten on the Loch Ness monster and UFOs.More »
  • GMOs & Monsanto/ Plastic Surgery Tales

    Jeffrey Smith reported on Monsanto going on trial for Roundup. Followed by Dr. Tony Youn on cosmetic procedures.More »
  • Aging & Plastic Surgery/ Open Lines

    In the first half, Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Tony Youn, discussed solutions to beauty and aging problems, as well as the many surgeries and cases he's worked on. Open Lines were featured in the latter half. Don described undergoing a sleeve gastrectomy (having the...More »
  • Bigfoot & The Beast of Boggy Creek

    In the middle two hours, scholar of Bigfoot history, Steven Streufert, shared history and analysis of the mysterious creature. Last hour guest, cryptozoology advisor to Rue Morgue magazine, Lyle Blackburn, discussed reports of a strange beast known as the Fouke Monster that have...More »
  • Medical Intuition

    Neuropsychiatrist, physician, and medical intuitive Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz discussed how she uses intuition to diagnose health problems. First hour guest, plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn spoke about some of the cases he's worked on, as well as insider medical secrets.More »

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