Sandra Anne Taylor

Sandra Anne Taylor


Sandra Anne Taylor is an international speaker, counselor, and consultant who lectures throughout the world on the power of eternal consciousness and personal energy. Her popular radio show, Living Your Quantum Success, explores these principles and offers insight, advice, and readings to people all over the world. It can be heard Mondays on Hay House radio.

For more than 25 years, Sandra has been a counselor in a private psychology practice, working with individuals and couples in the treatment of anxiety, depression, addiction, and relationship issues. Her Quantum Life Coaching program offers powerful techniques for connecting spirit, mind, and manifestation. Her multidimensional approach brings exceptional clarity and practicality to the science of whole-life healing and personal achievement.



Past Shows:

  • Akashic Records / Dreams

    Sandra Anne Taylor revealed how to access Akashic Records and rewrite your future. Kelly Sullivan Walden discussed the power of dreams and how to decode nightmares.More »