Akashic Records / Dreams

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Akashic Records / Dreams

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Sandra Anne Taylor is an international speaker, counselor, and consultant who lectures throughout the world on the power of eternal consciousness and personal energy. She joined guest host Lisa Garr (email) to reveal how to access Akashic Records and rewrite your future (and past). According to Taylor, the records are not limited to past lives but are rather a changing and endless field of information stretching from the infinite past to a limitless future.

"That's where the power is in the Akashic Records... you can learn about your past lives, you can rewrite your past lives, you can learn about patterns in the present," she said, noting every moment we are writing our present records and creating future records. The energy of this moment is accumulated in our records which creates our future through choices, behaviors, and decisions, Taylor added.

The vibration of the data in the records can be used to manifest the future, including picking a stock investment, choosing where to live or attend college, what to do for a career, and even finding new love, she continued. One can also rewrite past lives to clear obstacles, Taylor noted. She recommended keeping a notebook by the bed and writing "Sleep comfortably and peacefully through the night, and receive information in a way that I can remember and understand" at the top of a page. Data from the records will start to flow, Taylor disclosed.


In the second half of the program, author and dream therapist Kelly Sullivan Walden discussed dreams and how to decode nightmares. She likened nightmarish dreams to bumps on a highway which are meant rattle us into course correction. Nightmares signal the beginning of a journey and typically will keep occurring until the message is received, Walden explained. "When I hear somebody talk about a nightmare I know that transformation is in the midst... the person's subconscious mind is communicating to them and giving them a very clear message trying to get their attention so that they can take action," she said.

Walden shared the case of a woman who was haunted by a creepy hooded monk in a series of recurring nightmares. The monk would point to her breast in a way which indicated something was wrong and needed to be checked, she continued. The woman scheduled multiple mammograms which all came back clear but she continued seeing the monk in her dreams, Taylor noted. She eventually insisted on exploratory surgery which showed stage three cancer that had gone undetected in the other exams. "She's alive and well, and she would not have been had it not been for that dream," Walden reported, noting the importance of setting an intention before going to sleep to receive dream information.

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