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Teresa Tindal

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Teresa Tindal first saw a UFO at 10 years old in Tucson, AZ in 1989. That experience was a real turning point in her life which ignited a lifelong passion for the UFO subject. She has been a MUFON member and field investigator for nine years and is currently the MUFON Maryland State Director. She is a registered, federal lobbyist on the issue of the extraterrestrial presence and UFOs. She's partnered with Steve Bassett from Paradigm Research Group and they currently have an office in the National Press Building from where they will soon launch DC's first video podcast on the ET/ UFO/ exopolitical subject, "The Disclosure Wire." Teresa has appeared on the TV show, "UFOs: The Lost Evidence," which just wrapped up in the US and is currently airing around the world. She's appeared in multiple interviews and holds a BS in psychology with work completed towards a doctorate in clinical psychology.


Past shows:

Unnecessary Surgeries / UFO Disclosure

Dr. David Hanscom argued that most spine operations are unnecessary. Followed by Stephen Bassett & Teresa Tindal with UFO disclosure updates. More »


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