Unnecessary Surgeries / UFO Disclosure

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Dr. David Hanscom, Stephen Bassett, Teresa Tindal

Guest in the first half, renowned spine surgeon of 30 years, Dr. David Hanscom, believes that surgery and medication have a role in healing pain. However, he claims the majority of spine operations are unnecessary, and many procedures are performed on spines with normal, age-related conditions. These "spinal fusion" operations are particularly unpredictable when embarked upon to reduce pain, he noted. Hanscom revealed that he's retired from conducting surgeries, as too often the results were unsatisfactory, and most of his patients stopped seeking out this option. "There's not one piece of data in 50 years," he remarked, "that says we should be doing spine fusion for back pain," and only 22% of such patients have a positive outcome. The chance of making the pain worse is actually 40%, he added, and can sometimes push people into opioid overuse.

According to Hanscom, chronic or physical pain is interwoven with the feeling of anxiety or mental turmoil, and that by treating the latter, the former will greatly improve. "The key is to rewire the nervous system," he stated, referring to the concept of neuorplasticity, in which the brain can adapt and make changes, potentially removing the pathways and associated chemicals of "memorized pain." He also addressed the related problem of osteoporosis, a condition where bones become weaker and more brittle.


In the latter half, lobbyist and truth seeker, Stephen Bassett, talked about the latest in the effort to end the government-imposed embargo on the truth behind ET-related phenomena, along with his soon to be launched podcast, The Disclosure Wire. His podcast co-host and state MUFON director Teresa Tindal also joined the conversation. Bassett announced that he recently relocated back to Washington DC, and his Paradigm Research Group (PRG) now has offices in the National Press Building, just two blocks from the White House. He recalled his early days of being a disclosure activist, and how appearing on Art Bell's show in the 1990s was crucial in building public awareness about the issue.

He's particularly impressed by what the To the Stars Academy has accomplished, and considers this organization to be at the cutting edge of the disclosure movement, opening doors and making unprecedented headway. However, because the situation is currently so chaotic in Washington with the possible impeachment of Donald Trump, disclosure may have to take a backseat until that controversy plays itself out, he conceded. Tindal described her own UFO sighting at an early age, and noted that many of the current reports that come into MUFON Maryland describe triangular-shaped craft. Bassett pointed out that the term UFO has been tainted or disparaged over the years, and he finds it encouraging that the acronym UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) has gained more of a sheen of respect in military and other circles.

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